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sinosico wins first prize of 2023 henan science and technology progress award
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 recently, the list of winners for the 2023 henan science and technology award was announced. the project “key technologies and applications for the preparation of ultra high purity silicon-based electronic materials”, jointly completed by china silicon corporation ltd. (sinosico), enfi, and central south university, was awarded the first prize for the 2023 henan science and technology progress award.

the henan science and technology awards have honored a total of 288 prizes for the henan science and technology progress award. among them, there are 30 first prizes, 150 second prizes, and 108 third prizes. the first prize of henan science and technology progress award is the highest scientific and technological honor presented by the henan provincial people’s government. it primarily recognizes significant scientific and technological achievements that have generated remarkable economic or social benefits through independent innovation in areas such as technological inventions, technological development, and major engineering projects.

in recent years, sinosico has focused on the development of “bottleneck” materials for integrated circuits and vigorously promoted its innovative development strategy. through the establishment of a composite innovation system combining independent innovation and cooperative development, it has formed three major product clusters: zone-melting-grade polycrystalline silicon, silicon-based electronic specialty gases, and silicon-based functional materials. in the field of silicon-based electronic materials, sinosico has already received nine scientific and technological progress awards at or above the provincial and ministerial levels. this award further solidifies sinosico’s leading position in the field of key technologies for silicon-based materials, providing strong support for the goal of building sinosico into a “basic material technology base with international influence”.


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