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china silicon product promotion conference held in luoyang
来源: 作者:中硅高科管理员 发布时间:2023年10月26日

  from october 19 to 20, the china silicon product promotion conference was held in luoyang, bringing together more than 50 participants including integrated circuit semiconductor companies, silicon epitaxial companies, and optical communication companies, as well as industry experts, to discuss the new stage of development for china silicon corporation ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “china silicon”) and envision a new future for the industry.

  during the conference, speeches were delivered by zhang hewen, chairman of china silicon, yuan tong, senior advisor of china electronic materials industry association, and he wuzhou, deputy chairman of the cppcc of luoyang municipal committee and secretary of mengjin district committee.

  zhang hewen introduced the related products of the first and second phases of china silicon’s electronic information material transformation and upgrading, emphasizing the company’s mission to “shoulder national responsibilities and fill industry gaps”. he highlighted the company’s continuous focus on technological innovation and stable product quality, as well as its commitment to building a customer-oriented management system and becoming a world-class developer of high-end basic materials. besides, he expressed hope that through this product promotion conference, there would be in-depth communication and exchange among peers to explore new business cooperation models and make greater contributions to the development of a modern industrial system and the establishment of a new development pattern, based on mutual benefit.

  yuan tong encouraged and acknowledged the contributions made by various enterprises in the development of domestic substitution in the semiconductor industry. she fully recognized the achievements of china silicon in the semiconductor industry and hoped that everyone would engage in mutual communication to promote high-quality development in the industry.

  he wuzhou introduced various initiatives taken by luoyang to accelerate the construction of a nationally important advanced manufacturing base with a scale of over rmb 1 trillion, as well as the efforts made by mengjin district to assist in raising the security level of the national integrated circuit industry chain. he pointed out that silicon-based materials, as key materials for integrated circuits and optical communication, are key industries that luoyang is striving to develop. china silicon is a key supported enterprise in luoyang and a leading company in silicon-based materials. he invited entrepreneurs and experts to pay attention to and support the development of luoyang and mengjin district, and work together to create a better future.

  during the conference, wan ye, vice chairman, general manager, and deputy secretary of the party committee of china silicon, delivered a report titled “introduction of luoyang china silicon and product development plan”, providing a detailed introduction to the company’s development process, explaining the ideas behind the localization of silicon-based materials, and outlining future development plans. he expressed china silicon’s commitment to providing customers with high-quality products and services.

  li junjie, director of the quality management department of china silicon, delivered a report titled “innovation-driven, digital empowerment: china silicon’s road to high-quality development”, introducing the company’s quality development process, explaining the quality assurance system, sharing quality control experiences, and providing relevant suggestions for upstream and downstream quality management.

  during the “voice of clients” session, two industry experts delivered insightful presentations.

  li wei, executive vice president of the national silicon industry group and chairman of zingsemi and shanghai simgui technology co., ltd., delivered a report titled “starting with ‘silicon’ to build the foundation of the information society”, showcasing the development trajectory of zingsemi and providing an estimation of the industry’s future development. he fully recognized china silicon’s outstanding contributions to the industry.

  li xiang, assistant general manager and deputy chief engineer of tianjin zhonghuan semiconductor co., ltd., delivered a report titled “progress and reflections on the development of the semiconductor wafer industry”, which, in conjunction with technological advancements, offered a forward-looking perspective on the industry’s new future from the angle of accelerated expansion of semiconductor applications.

  during the discussion, experts engaged in extensive communication and exchanges regarding the current industry status and the improvement of quality management.

  the participating experts also visited china silicon’s intelligent chemical factory in mengjin district.

  this product promotion conference further enhanced the reputation of china silicon’s products, and the company’s quality management system, quality control plans, and digitalized and intelligent systems received high recognition from clients.

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