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2023 symposium on silicon-based gases for integrated circuits held in luoyang
来源: 作者:中硅高科管理员 发布时间:2023年09月04日

  from august 28 to 29, the 2023 symposium on silicon-based gases for integrated circuits was held in luoyang.

  the symposium was co-organized by the   and , bringing together more than 60 experts from well-known units in the industry. they participated in in-depth discussions on integrated circuits (ic) relevant topics such as wafer manufacturing, equipment, silicon materials, silicon-based gases, valves, steel cylinders, and gas detection. the symposium incorporated several high-quality seminars on silicon-based gases, silicon-based material docking, and group standard technologies.

  niu introduced luoyang's efforts and business environment in fields related to ic development, saying that the city helps establish a safer ic industrial chain in china by developing key projects.

  against the backdrop of the 20th anniversary of the founding of sinosico, zhang shared the progress obtained by the company in the development of new products of silicon-based materials, looked forward to the future of silicon-based gases, and showed sinosico's determination to work with its counterparts on the development of the chip industry, upholding the company's mission of 

  wan ye, vice chairman, general manager, and deputy secretary of the cpc committee of sinosico, delivered a special report titled empower industrial upgrading with innovation, write a new chapter for high-quality development of silicon-based materials industry. dr. cao yongyou,  , , wang dafang, icmtia standardization specialist, and fan xuezhen, director of , delivered special reports, application of semiconductor clean manufacturing and semi standards in gas transmission systems, standards build brands and innovation leads development, and progress and thinking on localization of integrated circuit valves respectively.

  icmtia secretary-general shi ying made a comprehensive summary after the seminars and expert speeches. she affirmed sinosico's positive contribution to and put forward expectations and suggestions for the next step of industry development.

  subsequently, the participating experts carefully listened to the introduction of the technical content of the standard determination of impurity content in titanium tetrachloride for integrated circuits by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry led by sinosico. they shared opinions on the status quo and development trends of the industry, as well as icmtia's work. experts present agreed that the industry development should be innovation-driven, customer-oriented, and high-quality. the symposium came to a successful conclusion with warm applause.

  during the symposium, participating experts visited sinosico's newly commissioned electronic information material transformation and upgrading project (mengjin factory).

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