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  from july 25 to august 31, 2022, china silicon corporation ltd. welcomed on-site audits from six leading and well-known enterprises in the integrated circuit and optical communication industries for the company's four types of products. all audits were successfully passed with an excellent rating of over 80 points, allowing the company to enter or maintain its status as a qualified supplier for these enterprises. among them, the electronic grade polycrystalline silicon product faced a second-party audit for the first time and underwent rapid growth from just obtaining the iso9000 certification to establishing the iatf16949 requirement. with solid process technology and quality control, china silicon corporation ltd. successfully passed the audit from a leading enterprise in the third-generation semiconductor field.

  in 2022, china silicon corporation ltd. successfully obtained trial use by four customers for its silicon tetrachloride products in the semiconductor industry, marking a significant milestone for the company. the first customer to undergo the audit is a leading integrated circuit enterprise in china. china silicon corporation ltd.'s strong technical foundation with a national engineering research center and cnas-accredited laboratory, core process technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and the application of advanced quality management tools such as qcp, fmea, spc, which are in line with theory and practice, have won recognition from audit experts. the company received the highest score among domestic suppliers, laying the foundation for the management system of subsequent supplies for other products such as hcds, dcs, and teos.

  furthermore, the company's tcs product underwent a high-level quality audit and received high praise from the audit team leader. this recognition from foreign companies demonstrates confidence in domestically produced raw materials. the increasing number of customer audits is a testament to china silicon corporation ltd.'s success in expanding its market for silicon-based products. the successful completion of these audits reflects customers' recognition of our products and our entire quality system. the feedback provided by customers for improvement serves as a driving force for our management enhancement. we will take every feedback from customers as a starting point to continuously improve our management system and achieve higher levels of quality, technology, and refinement. we will continue to improve our management system to earn more customer trust and increase our market share.

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